The Auto Credit Advantage

Thank you for your interest in our Auto Credit Program.  Here's a list of benefits and an explanation of our program so you can see for yourself how it will work for you!

We Report to the Credit Bureau

All the payments you make on time will help by establishing/re-establishing your credit rating.  After just a few years, many of our customers are able to upgrade their vehicle.  This could mean: a newer vehicle, little or no money down, a lower interest rate…all the benefits of a more favorable credit rating.

Affordable Monthly Payments

We've helped a lot of customers out who have had past repossessions.  In most cases, it's because they've found themselves with a car payment that they just couldn't afford.  We try to alleviate that issue by keeping our vehicles within a certain price range and by helping you select a vehicle that's within your budget. 


Dependable Transportation

The inspection process that our vehicles go through is designed to uncover any major mechanical defects…giving you peace of mind that you're getting reliable transportation.  Only vehicles that pass our test are allowed into the Auto Credit Program.


With our mutual affiliation with Westcott Buick/GMC, you have access to one of the most advanced service facilities and body shops in Alamance County!  Our technicians are highly trained and are here 6 days a week for your convenience. 


Westcott Referral Program

We appreciate your positive recommendation.  That's why for every friend or family member you refer to us, you'll receive $100 when they purchase a vehicle.  

I hope this gives you a little insight as to what our program can do for you.  Please feel free to call me with any additional questions…I'm always here to help.  And thanks for your interest in Westcott Auto Credit!


Amy Deagle

Auto Credit Manager

Westcott Automotive Inc

PO Box 1598

Burlington, NC 27216

(336) 228-0141